General Questions

1How to recharge your Hawacell 4G LTE Account?
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2How to recharge your Hawacell4G LTE Account on Windows?
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3How to change your "SSID" and "Password" for your Mobile Hotspot device provided by Hawacell
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4How can I use Internet with Hawacell?
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5What is a Bundle?
A Bundle is the number of Gigabytes you purchase that enables you to use Internet. Bundles come with different volumes of Gigabytes, and cost accordingly.
6Does the Bundle expire?
Yes, each Bundle expires after 1 month of the purchase date
7How many Bundles can I buy?
You can buy a maximum of 3 (three) Bundles every calendar month.
8How can I check my account information?
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9How can I see my Bundles and how much Gigabytes remained?
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10When I use Internet, am I consuming Gigabytes (Bundle)?
When you use Internet, you are consuming from the Bundle. When the Bundle is finished, you can buy a new Bundle.